How does Mrs. Fitzgerald put Doris, Cyril and George in their right places?

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Mrs Fitzgerald is angry at Mrs Pearson's family members for the way they treat Mrs Pearson with disrespect. In order to teach the ungrateful family members a lesson, she arranges a temporary swap of her personality with that of Mrs Pearson. The reincarnated Mrs Pearson refuses to iron Doris' dress or put out Cyril's things. Instead, she sits smoking. She declares the boy that Doris wishes to go out with a half-wit. George is aghast that she has not prepared tea for him and that she expects a drink to be poured out for her. His vanity is shattered when she remarks that everybody makes fun of him at the club that he is keen to go to. In this way, the family members are taught a lesson to pay due and deserving respect to their mother and express gratitude for her work and service.


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