how does the entire family react to the changes in the blood stain?what was responsible for it???

The continual renewal of the blood stain on the library floor excited the attention of the Otis family. It was a strange occurrence considering the fact that the door was always locked at night by Mr Otis and the windows were kept closely barred. The chameleon-like changing of colours attracted a good deal of comment. Some mornings it was a dull red, then it would be vermilion, a rich purple and once when they came down for family prayers, they found it to be bright emerald-green. These kaleidoscopic changes amused the party very much and bets were freely made on the subject every evening.
The ghost of Sir Simon was responsible for it. He had to take Virginia's paints to because it was very difficult to procure real blood and with her brother using the Paragon Detergent, the stain would not stay. So he had to resort to using her paints and he saw no reason why he should not use them even though the colour of the stain kept on changing depending upon which colour he used. He says that colour was always a matter of taste, for instance the Cantervilles had the very bluest of blood in England. He needed to keep up with the ruse of that ever constant blood stain which could not be removed in order to maintain the haunted atmosphere of the Chase.

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