How does the poet feel regarding his mother??
Book beehive
Chapter rain on the roof

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The poet recalls how long back, in his youth, his mom used to look down at him and his siblings as they were dozing and having charming dreams. His mom would make a point to look at them consistently, for she knew she would not see them again till the following morning. What the poet recalls more than anything was the affacetionate way in which his mom would bend down and watch over him specifically. These recollections are evoked as he tunes in to the redundant rhythm of the raindrops as they are falling on his rooftop. he is nostalgic. He feels both sad and happy as he recollects his childhood days and his mother's loving routine of tucking him into bed.


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He feels a little sad while remembering his mother's memory and starts daydreaming about his childhood. When he was young ,how her mother used to tuck him under the bedsheets and check upon him assuring that he is safe or not.
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