How does the poet prove that there are no foreigner and foreign countries?

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James Kirkup’s poem ‘No Men Are Foreign’ definitely deals with the ideas of brotherhood and equality. According to the poet, no matter what kind of a uniform a soldier wears, he is still human and has the element of humanity within him. Changes in uniform doesn't mean that the others are alien or foreign since everybody breathes the same air, drinks the same water and would also die on the same earth. He further goes on to explain that everybody also has the same features like eyes that wake or sleep.What the poet believes is that if a war breaks out then humans would be killing their brothers and not some alien/foreign soldiers since humanity is present in all soldiers irrespective of the countries they belong to. The poet concludes that since all men are equal due to the presence of humanity, any war/battles fought between them will be futile and purposeless. This poem is about unity and universal brotherhood since the element of humanity is given precedence over the differences present within the identities of soldiers due to their various countries. They are born equal since they have humanity present within them.

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