how does the story two gentlemen of verona promise hope for society?give in 100 words

pleazzzzzzzzzz i need it

Story deals with the importance of dedication towards relationships and one's duty toward society and the country . The boys father was killed in the war and their home was destroyed. Nicola and jacopo worked at numerous jobs and ran errands to earn money to pay for their sister"s treatment suffering from tuberculosis of spine and was admitted to the hospital.The value that is revealed in this story is destruction caused by the war could not break the spirit of the two boys. Rather it filled them with a newenergy to rebuilt from what was left after the war. In this world where values have been eroded, these boys and there work promise a new hope for society . Their selfishness , devotion to duty, willingness to work hard and cheerfulness despite adverse circumstances give us promise of a greater hope for society.
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