How does this story show our male dominant culture?Moreover,in the last line,what was the reason he din't want to speak,touch her,anything? Help would be appreciated :)

There are several instances in the story that reflect the male dominant culture. Few instances that may help you frame your answer are:

  • Jack does not give her daughter even the right to ask questions. He believed that parents are always right.
  • Jack did not like it when women, be it his wife or daughter, to take things for granted. He liked it when they listened to him with apprehension and attached great importance to his words.
  • Although the ending suggested by Jo was also probable but Jack does not agree with her opinion.
  • He watched his pregnant wife from a distance but, does not help her in painting the cage.

In the last line, Jack does not feel like speaking , working or touching her wife because he is a male shauvinist. He could look at his pregnant wife painting alone but, did not wish to help her.

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