How does Tourism as a trade or industry help in development of Economy?(5 points)

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The travel industry or tourism goes about as a compelling specialist of both financial and social changes. It inspires business and venture, alters the financial design and makes positive commitments towards compensation. The cash spent by unfamiliar guests in a nation is turned more than a few times. It animates exchange, pay and business – particularly in independent company areas. The arrangement of new foundation which is accessible for non-the travel industry employments. It increments local turn of events – especially in confined territories.
The following points may help further:
a. Encouraging tourism in a country would imply marketing the country and its various destinations that may attract the people all around the world and also the corporate.
b. It may involve advertising or publicizing more about the country, its important tourist destinations.
c. Tourism industry has substantially grown over a period of time
d. It certainly adds to the foreign exchange and bring about growth and prosperity.
e. It generates employment on a large scale.
f. Tourism also promotes national integration, provides support to local handicrafts and cultural pursuits. It also helps in the development of international understanding about our culture and heritage.
g. It has connected people from cities to villages, people within the country explore new destinations within the country and develop a sense of pride towards their own country, its rich heritage.



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