​How e-wastes are being handled in our country ?  Write the correct solution for treating this waste. 

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e-waste - All the electronic appliances such as computers, television, refrigerator, mobile phones, air-conditioners etc. that are not fit for their originally intended use or have been discarded are called e-waste or electronic wastes. they are harmful because many of them release toxins.
In India, electronic waste recycling is almost left to the informal sector, that does not have proper means to handle either the processes or increasing quantities. It results in intolerable risk for human health and the environment.
The Basel Action Network (BAN) -  It works for prevention of
globalization of toxic chemicals. It has reported that 50 to 85 per cent of e-waste collected by the US is exported to Asian countries.

Solutions for treating the waste-
-The government should take some concrete action for increasing awareness about e-waste among the local people.
- The companies involving in the manufacturing electronic gadgets should take responsibility to determine the output characteristics of the waste and if toxic and hazardous, should have a responsibility to provide management option.




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