How effective our constitution is?

The effectiveness of our Constitution depends upon whether we are discussing political, social or economic effectiveness.

Politically, our Constitution has been reasonably effective. The government of our country is carried out under the provisions of the Constitution with a democratically elected government that is responsible to Parliament. The judiciary has also been effective in preserving the basic character of the constitution by refusing the legislature or the executive to exceed its authority. However, our political system is still marred by evils of criminalization and corruption which goes against the spirit of the Constitution.

Socially, the Constitution wanted to establish an India that is free of social divisions like caste that has traditionally marred Indian society. To some extent, a democratic political system and the the system of reservations in jobs and education for the deprived castes have succeeded in establishing a more equal society. But much remains to be done.
Economically, the Constitution aspired to a India that is free of poverty and wants. In this respect, a lot remains to be achieved as levels of poverty and deprivation still remain high in India.



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