How Hana is
devoted and
obedient wife understood her husband very well quite anxious about her husband's wellbeing,
position and
reputation sentimental - pragmatic approach maintained her dignity ideal life partner

Explain each and every characteristics of Hana in detail

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Hana was a dedicated wife and mother to her husband and child respectively. She was not only steadfast in her duty as a wife during times of normalcy but also during times when it became too taxing for her. She was repulsed by the sight of the prisoner's wound but that did not deter her from performing the duties expected of her. She, like her husband, also valued humanity over nationality and that is the reason behind her allowing the prisoner to lodge in her house.  Hana was to play the role of a nurse during the operation that  Sadao was going to perform on the white man. She first went to the linen shelves to fetch towels. There was also to be old pieces of matting so that the blood would not ruin the fine floor covering. She went out to the back veranda where the gardener kept strips of matting with which to protect delicate shrubs on cold nights and took an armful of them. Then she was asked to help him turn and wait till he washed the man's back carefully. Then she was asked to administer the anesthetic if it was required even though she had never done so before. She choked and then retched upon seeing the wound but she came back and applied the anesthetic nevertheless. She crouched close to the sleeping face of the young American noting his features and contemplating the antecedents of the prisoner. 
Dr. Sadao Hoki remains true to his profession and his act of saving the dying American soldier conclusively proves it. Despite his feelings for Japan, Sadao refuses to let the American soldier die of his wounds and this reflects the ethics of Sadao. He uses his advanced knowledge of dressing wounds, to save the American soldier. Sadao does this being fully aware of the ire it would draw from the General. If Japan was at war with America, then shouldn't all American soldiers be considered enemies? However, Sadao rises about all this and proves himself to be a true humanitarian. He saves the American soldier disregarding the risk of dis-reputation and even endangering himself as well as his family. Thus, it can be said that the first Sadao is a humanitarian and then a patriot. 

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