How have prisoners been trreated in Gauntanamo Bay?

Guantanamo Bay is located in Cuba. The U.S. government secretly used the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base for its selected prisoners. The Base had been used as a prison since long back. The treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay was very humiliating and had no moral claim.
  1. All the prisoner’s senses were blocked.
  2. Their eyes were completely blindfolded and the nose and ears were muffled.
  3. The prisoners could not see, hear, smell or feel anything.
  4. They were kept in solitary confinements.
  5. It was a secluded prison and so the prisoners were denied any facility as per the international treaties.


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Prisoners were traeted very rudely. They were not allowed to meet their families, media or even UN representatives. They interrogated and tortured them.

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