How have urbanisation and industrialisation led to a large scale deforestation?

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Urbanisation and industrialisation have resulted in large scale deforestation because of the following reasons-
1) As the population grew, so did the requirement for building more space to live in and thus, more houses. For houses to be made land had to be made available by cutting forests.
2) With this increase in population also came in the increase in the needs of people which led to the construction of malls, dams, metros, industries and many more high end buildings for the sake of entertainment. This led to industrialisation and urbanisation. Again land had to be made available to make all this so more forests were brought down.
3) Industries required raw material to make medicines, furniture, paper etc which again required cutting of trees.
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Large-scale deforestation is being caused by urbanization and industrialization because of the building of houses and factories requires space and we cut down the trees for space to build industries and houses.
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The large scale of deforestation caused by urbanisation and industrialisation because forest are cut from the land is being sacrificed for massive development project
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