How humanity is affected by wars {8 marks}
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War is not only detrimental for a country but it is also detrimental for the society and humanity. War not only causes physical consequences like death, injury , loss of life and property but it also effects the victims mentally and emotionally. The consequences of war effects things that directly or indirectly effects humanity. 
1) Destruction of Property and Infrastructure : Wars can create catastrophic collapse in the infrastructure services, education and health care system. Destruction of schools, colleges and universities can adversely effect the youth of the country who are said to be the country's future.
2) Displacement : During a war, displacement or force migration is a most common result.  When a war breaks out, many people flee their homes in fear of losing their lives and their families. This leaves individuals homeless and sometimes they even have to travel to other countries as refugees where they do not even have their own identity.
3) Mental Health of victims  : The horror and terror spread by the violence of war disrupts the mental as well as the emotional health of an individual. A war can effect a person in a long term as many lose their families, houses, communities etc. A person may grow up with the emotional baggage which can also hinder his/her growth as an individual.
4) Politics : When a war breaks out, it ends up affecting government structures along with the people in power of the government. The war may also result in the complete replacement of a form of government. For example : During the Second Liberian Civil War , rebels removed the current leader, Charles Taylor, and with the help of the United Nations deployed a new democratic form of government. 

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