How is biodiversity important for ecosystem




Ecosystems must be balanced in order to be stable

it also helps populations adapt to ecological changes

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Biodiversity increases ecosystem productivity; all of the species in that ecosystem, no matter their size, have a big role. A diverse ecosystem can prevent and recover from lots of disasters. Humans depend on plants and animals. For example, one quarter of all prescription medicines in the U.S. have ingredients from plants.  If a diverse ecosystem is more productive, it's easier to get these plants.

Humans also directly benefit from a diverse ecosystem: plants, clean water and air, provide oxygen, and control erosion.

Here are some of the major ways biodiversity helps humans:

Plants absorb greenhouse gases and help stop global warming.
It is easier for biodiverse ecosystems to recover from natural disasters.
Healthy biodiversity of species can provide a variety of food (like meat and produce). 
Many of our medicinal drugs come from plants.
All of our wood products come from nature.
We can learn more about our earth by observing a diverse ecosystem.
Many recreational areas benefit from a healthy ecosystem, which promotes tourism.
Biodiversity is beautiful and should be enjoyed.JUDICIOUSLY AND WIHOUT EVIL INTENTIONS... :) :) :) GUD LUCK .
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