how is cough formed in our body?????

Cough is an involuntary action by brain to remove the blockage in the air passage. Basically cough is of two types: dry cough and chesty cough. Chesty cough is mainly the mucous which contains trapped germs, particulate matter, etc. Cough is a symptom, when a person is suffering from respiratory tract infections such as cold, pneumonia. 

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Basically, there are two kinds of cough: productive and non-productive.

Productive cough

A productive cough, also known as chesty cough, is usually due to a viral or bacterial infection. This type of cough expels the phlegm which has formed in our respiratory passages, so that abnormal mucus and germs are eliminated from the respiratory tract and breathing becomes easier.

Non-productive cough (Dry cough)
A non-productive cough is dry, tickling and irritating. This cough can for example be caused by phlegm that is so viscous that it is not loosened and expectorated. It can also have an allergic or neurotic origin or can be caused by other perhaps more severe diseases.

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what is phelgm??

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