How is ground water recharged naturally?Can you suggest some methods for it.

Ground water can recharge naturally by rains. Dams, tanks,canals like irrigation methods can recharge ground water naturally.

Water harvesting technique is the best way to recharge the ground water. We will try to protect ponds and lakes of our locality. We can also suggest builders and house owners to build water harvesting tanks.

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Groundwater recharge or deep drainage or deep percolation is a hydrologic process where water moves downward from surface water to groundwater. This process usually occurs in the vadose zone below plant roots and is often expressed as a flux to the water table surface. Recharge occurs both naturally (through the water cycle) and through anthropogenic processes (i.e., "artificial groundwater recharge"), where rainwater and or reclaimed water is routed to the subsurface.


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Groundwater is recharged naturally by rain and snow melt and to a smaller extent by surface water (rivers and lakes).Rainfall is the principal source for replenishment of moisture in the soil water system and recharge of ground water. Other sources include recharge from rivers, streams, irrigation water etc. Moisture movement in the unsaturated zone is controlled by suction pressure, moisture content and hydraulic conductivity relationships. The amount of moisture that will eventually reach the water table is defined as natural ground water recharge, which depends on the rate and duration of rainfall, the subsequent conditions at the upper boundary, the antecedent soil moisture conditions, the water table depth and the soil type.

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