How is it possible that the solubility increases with increase in size of the ion?

How is it possible that the solubility increases with increase in size of the ion? ormation of Magnesium Chloride) The compounds formed in this manner by the transfer of electrons from a metal to a non-metal are known as ionic compounds or electrovalent compounds. Properties of Ionic Compounds (a) (b) (c) Physical state Due to strong attraction between cation and anion, the ionic compounds usually exist in solid state. They exhibit the properties of rigidity and hardness. Solubility Since the posses opposite charges, they are polar In nature. They are soluble in polar solvents like water and exist as cation and anion in solution state. The e, increase in size of ion and solubilitv—inqreases with decrease in ma ni increase in Ivent. Melting point and boiling point Ionic solids possess very high melting point and boiling point due to strong attractive force betWeen cations and anions. The melting point rises with increase in charge and decrease in size of ions. Ü-ca , Electrical conductivity Ionic compounds can't conduct electricity in solid state as the ions are not free due to strong force of attraction. When the solid is fused or dissolved in water, the ions become free and conduct electricity. traction of metals (Metallurgy) tallurgy is the process of extracting metal in a pure state on large scale from its ore by physical or mical means.

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The interionic distance of small ions is very less due to which they have strong attractive forces. More energy is required to overcome these attractive forces. However, with large interionic distances, it is easier to overcome the less attractive forces in case of larger ions.
Therefore, solubility increases with the increase of the size of the ion.

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