how is milk pasteurized

.Clean and Sterilize

Wash your hands and work area.

Boil all containers and lids in water for at least 2 minutes to sterilize them.

Heat the Milk

Pour water into the bottom part of the double boiler until it?s half full.

Fill the top part of the double boiler with less than 16 cups (1 gallon) of milk.

Turn up the burner a little at a time to heat the milk up slowly.

Use the cooking thermometer to watch the temperature of the milk.

Don?t let the thermometer rest on the bottom or sides of the boiler.

Stir the milk often as it?s heating up.

Keep the Milk at the Right Temperature

Heat the milk to 63 ?C (150 ?F) for at least 30 minutes?or?72 ?C (162?F) for at least 15 seconds.

If the temperature falls lower than the one you?re using, you have to start timing?again.

Cool the Milk

Put the top part of the double boiler in the ice water bath (don?t get water in the milk) to cool it fast.

Stir the milk often to cool it faster, until it reaches 20 ?C (68 ?F) or cooler.
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Milk can be pasteurized by heating and cooling.
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By heating and cooling.
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The milk is heated upto 80?C for 15 minutes and cooled quickly.
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