how is pressure difference created in nature

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In coastal areas, during daytime, there is a regular flow of cool air from the sea towards the land. At night, there is a reverse flow of air from land to sea. This happens because during the daytime, land gets heated faster than water. Re-radiation of heat from land heats the air above it . The hot air rises and creates an area of low pressure. Sea water does not get heated so rapidly, so air above the sea is relatively cool. A high pressure area forms above sea water as compared to air over land. Therefore, cooler air over the sea, flows towards the land, where low pressure area exists. The movement of air from one region to the other creates winds.
During the night, reverse flow of air occurs. Land cools down rapidly. Air above the land becomes cooler. Sea water cools down slowly. The air above the sea is hotter and has a lower air pressure as compared to air pressure above the land. Therefore, cooler air present over land flows towards sea.  


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