how is the union council of ministers formed?

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The Prime Minister is the leader of the Indian Union Council of Ministers. The President appoints these ministers on the basis of the advice of the Prime Minister. All members of the Union Council of Ministers are necessarily members of the Parliament. In case someone is not a member of the Parliament at the time of appointment, then he/she must get elected to one of the houses of the Parliament within six months of appointment as a minister.

Council of Ministers is the body of all the ministers who are a part of the government. It includes

(1) Cabinet Ministers – They are the highest ranking ministers. They are usually the top-level leaders of the ruling party. All the major policy decisions are taken by the cabinet on behalf of the government.

(2) Ministers of State with independent charge – They are in charge of small ministries. They can attend the cabinet meetings only when invited.

(3) Minister of State They assist the Cabinet Ministers in the working of their ministers.



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