How make Project on visit to a mall

Following points you can cover are as follows :-
  1. No. of shops occupied or unoccupied
  2. No. of floors
  3. Nature of shops
  4. Ownership status
  5. Nature of goods dealt in
  6. Service business shops
  7. Rented spaces & Owned spaces
  8. Different types of promotional schemes like advertisement
  9. Most visited shops
  10. Special attraction of shops
  11. Innovative facilities
  12. Parking facility
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No.of floors
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nature of shops,their ownership status
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All you can do is just go to the manager of the mall and ask him relevent information and another task for you is to click pictures of the shops and chill out
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it's easy 
at first take a deep breath
sit on ur bed with blankets(as it is very cold now)
lie down in a flash and sleep 
u will surely dream about a mall & tomorrow jot down the details about the mall
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What does nature of shop and it’s ownership mean ?
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