how make states in india

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States in Independent India have been formed on the following basis:

a. After Independence , boundaries of older states were changed in order to make new states on the basis of language .
b. Linguistic reorganization was a result of the VishalAndhra Movement that demanded separate Telugu speaking state to be carved out from Madras Province. Because of massive protests , our national leadership acted in the larger interests of the country.
c. After the creation of Andhra, other linguistic communities also demanded their own separate states.
d. A States Reorganization Commission was set up, which submitted its report in 1956, recommending the redrawing of district
and provincial boundaries.
e. Later in 1960, states like the bilingual state of Bombay was divided into separate states for Marathi and Gujarati speakers. In 1966, the state of Punjab was also divided into Punjab and Haryana.
f. States have also been formed on the basis of ethnicity. For example, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura etc.
g. States have been formed on administrative and political grounds like Jharkhand, Chattisgarh.


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