How many chromatids are present in Anaphase 1 of meiosis 1 of diploid cell having 20 chromosome?

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During Anaphase I of meiosis I homologs chromosome separate and move to opposite poles. Sister chromatids remain attached at their centromere. The number of chromatids in Meiosis I stage = 2(number of chromosomes).Because there is the formation of tetrad in prophase I which undergoes crossing over and later homologs chromosome separate in anaphase I.Therefore number of chromatids in anaphase I if there are 20 chromosome is equal to 40 chromatids.

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As there are 20 chromosomes. So no of chromatids wil be 40 and it remains same during mitosis, and all stages of meiosis 1st. Also at Anaphase 1st it would be 40.
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