How many electrons can fit into the sub-shell for which n = 3 and l = 1?




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An atomic orbital is defined by a set of quantum numbers and the first one is principal quantum number.It identifies the shell and thus determines the size and the energy of the orbital.It can have only positive integer values and is symbolised as ‘n’.

Principal quantum number , n = 3

Azumithal quantum number l : It tells us the number of subshells present in the main shell and the orbital to which an electron belongs. Its value is equal to 0 to (n-1).

For s-orbital l= 0
For p-orbital l= 1
For d-orbital l= 2
For f-orbital l= 3

When n = 3 and l = 1 then it is 3p orbital, 6 electrons can fit into the sub-shell


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