how many faces does a triangular pyramid has and why?

A triangular pyramid has 4 faces. We know that a triangular pyramid is obtained when the vertices of a triangle are joined to a point outside its plane. So it has 4 vertices and 6 edges.

now, by Euler's' formula we have


from this we get faces = 4

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A triangular prism has 4 faces! You cannot ask why, it's just a fact!! We can use the Euler's formula for finding if we know the no. of edges and no. of vertices.

The formula is:

F +V - E = 2

Just substitute the no. of edges and vertices in this formula and u can find the no. of faces. Or u can directly count the no.of faces from a triangular prism!

The triangylar prism has 6 edges and 4 vertices.

So when u substitute it,

F+4 - 6 =2

F - 2 = 2

F= 2 +2

F= 4

Here is a picture of a triangular pyramid:

hope u got it!!!!

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