how many types of plants are there

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As there are nearly 2,50,000 plant species based on their distinct features they are classified into:-
1.Annuals:- These are plants which live for one year and,Dianthus etc..

2.Biennials:- These are plants which lives for 2 years and flower only in the second year. eg:-Foxglove,etc..

3.Perennials:-These are plants which lives for many lily,Geraniums etc..

4.Shrubs:-These plants are smaller than trees and considered as woody plants.It includes
Flowering shrubs like Mosanda,Pentas etc..
Ornamental shrubs like Crotons,Tuja etc..

6.Creepers and Climbers:-Creepers are plants which grows on the wall of a compound eg :- grape vine and climbers are plants which require support for the

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