How physicians are able to pinpoint a particular disease?

Physicians are able to pin point a particular disease on the basis of the characteristic symptoms that it produces. These symptoms are either visible apparently or felt by the patient or felt by the doctor on clinical examination. In case of a doubt or symptoms being masked or unclear, clinical tests like urine and blood are carried out to ascertain the diagnosis. 

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Physicians pinpoint any disease by the symptoms of any characteristic disease. A lot of clinical tests are done to identify and disease which is them treated through medication.

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when there is a a disease, either the functioning or the appearance of one or more systems of the body will change for the worse. these changes give rise to symptoms and signs of disease. signs of disease are what physicians will look for on the basis of the symptoms. signs will give a more definite indication of the presence of a disease and by doing some laboratory tests physicians will be able to pinpoint a particular disease.

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