how should i learn english for 12th borards? what is the efficient way to learn maths? all so that i remember everything in the end? plz help.

Dear student,

We would like to suggest you to read your chapters, and understand them as better as you can. Also for writing section, read good number of essays, articles, letters, notices so that it will be easy to write them when asked in exams. Spend good time to practise English regularly. This will certainly help you to score well.


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just read the book then learn golden book (guide) que answer

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u can go through each and every chapter and should not left any chapter in english. u should also try the intext questons of enlish book.

For maths i will suggest u to be regular in ur studies and regularly revise all the topics, as we think we know all the topics but at the end we came to know that we forget everything(i personally commited this mistake ).maths is subject that require regular practise and if u left the things for the lat day of exam then it become difficult. thus i will suggest u to regulary revise all ur topic and solve question by writing.

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