How to ace the paragraph questions come in English Board papers...?? mostly the last one which asks for the similar word, opposite word or any other word belonging from the given paragraph???

How to answer such straight forward questions, which require an ability to answer at the spot???

Dear student,

Following are a few point which you should keep in mind while writing a paragraph:

  • Make sure your punctuation is correct
  • Include powerful adjective
  • Make sure it has a structure
  • Don't keep on repeating a word like 'then'
  • Make it interesting to read
  • Contemplate and organise the ideas that you want to incorporate in your essay.
  • Begin with just writing out your essay without worrying too much about the length.
  • It's more important to let all your ideas flow out of your mind first.
  • If you think it's getting too long split it up into two or more parts.
  • Create an outline for your essay.
  • Your essay should include a headline, introduction, body and a conclusion.
  • Also, do not forget to add bibliography, if required.
  • At last, read, re-read, format and frame the final draft.
Sample essays have been provided on our website. Kindly go through the 'Writing Section' of the study material.


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Just be calm ....take a deep breath and then remember want you have studied . According to it from the four options u'll be thinking that any of these 2 are correct .
Now u have to choose one from them !!!
well its very easy ..jst try JMD process
full form -- jai mata di n tick one of the option closing ur eyes ...well it definitely works if u have sheer confidence n faith in god !!!!!!
Gud luck !
great going !
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Thanks Nidhi....Ya I am havnig faith in God...!!
pr agr mehnat nhi krunga to phal kaha sai milega>???

I need to be calm at that moment,... but my english teacher advise us to attempt the unseen paragraph questions at last so v don't waste our time only on unseen matter., but after solving the whole paper in 2:30 hours the 30 minutes will become more tensed nd start thinking deeply nd tick wrong one.??
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ur most welcome !!.
That's very well okk
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ONe more question is it there need to increase the vocublary to attempt such questions if yes how to do so?? by reading articles, magazines etc.
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ya it is..necessary to increase our vocabulary
and ya if are not doing so also we can find the correct answer by just reading the paragraph again n again n just understanding the situation in the para...
some common words may be used to give clue of the meaning or opposite of tht word..we must just use our memory and think logically there Coz options always includes this or tht those 4 obviously 2 will be wrong n we can find easily but the other two will be little similar there we hv to use our logical thinking.. n place the exact meaningful wrong as the correct one...
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ok i will try thanks for the advice smilley...
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no thnks prince it was just a help to a frnd
n no thnks and no sry in friendship...
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yahh that's right ...smileyy
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