How to construct a quadrilateral PONY in which PO= 4cm, ON= 4.2cm, PY= 4cm, PN= 5.5and OY= 6cm?

the solution for this question is, 

step1- draw po 4cm as base.

step2- with p as centre, draw an arc of radius 5.5cm.

step3- with o as centre, draw an arc of radius 4.2 cm to bisect the arc in step 2.

step4- mark the point as N.

step5-now, with p as centre draw an arc of 4cm .

step6- now, draw an arc of radius 6cm to bisect the arc in step5.
step 7- mark the point as Y.

step 8- Join PO, PX, NY, ON to obtain the quadrilateral PONY.
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construct a quadrilateral in which PO 4cm, on= 4.2, cm ,py=4cm, pn =5.5cm and oy=6cm
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