how to construct a square (using ruler and compass) whose diagonal

is 6.5cm ?

Steps of construction of a square when length of the diagonal is given.
1)Draw a line AC = 6.5 cm
2) Find the midpoint of the line. Let O be the midpoint of the line.Then draw a line XY perpendicular to AC at O.
3)Now taking O as centre and radius equals to OC ,draw a circle intersecting XY at B and D .
4) Join all the four points A,B,C,D to one another.
Thus ABCD is the required square.

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take the ruler and draw a line measuring 6.5cm. then take the compass and take measure 6.5cm using ruler.fix the compass in the end point of the line an arc.draw one more arc inthe same place by fixing the compass at the another like this in the another point also.join the arcs.

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