how to convert exclusive serires into inclusive series?

Let us understand the conversion of exclusive series into inclusive series with the help of an example.

suppose there are two items in an exclusive series which are 0.5 - 5.5 and 5.5 - 10.5.  

 To Convert this series into inclusive series, you should add the lower boundary of first class i.e 0.5 to the lower intervals of the whole series and subtract it, from upper intervals of the whole series. The new series will become 1 - 5 and 6 - 10.

In exam, you are usually required to convert inclusive series into exclusive series which is done by finding the difference of lower interval of the second class and the upper interval of the first class. Divide it by 2. Then add the resultant answer to the upper interval of each class and subtract it from the lower interval of each class. The illustration for the same is already given in our study material. Follow the given link and scroll down to the 'Example 4' to view the same. Meaning,Properties and Computation Methods


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