How to determine When we have to use card format or letter format in invitations...

if the invitation is being sent to an individual then letter format is followed or else card format is followed in formal letters.while writing informal letters only letter format is followed .you can even look for words like draft which means card format.
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following points must be included in the an inviattion.
* the names of the host
*The names of the Guest 
*The of the function or occasion
*Date and Time
*Address For reply
*Details like."no regrets,Dress code etc.
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sample formal invitation
                                                      Mr And Mrs ABC
                                        request the pleasure of your presence
                                          on the auspicious occasion of the 
                                                BIRTHDAY PARTY 
                                                 of their son 
                                           at their residence 
                                     C 49/50 cresent road ,chennai 
                                        at 7;00pm ,on 8th march 2017
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