how to do nomenclature of bridged cordination compounds

Bridging ligands are designated with the prefix ? -. When there are two bridging ligands of the same kind, the prefix di-? - is used. Bridging ligands are written in between the hypens. For example

Pentamminecobalt(III)-? -amidotetraamineaquacobalt(III) chloride.Here bridging ligand is NH2- and refer as amido.The ? before NH2 represent the bridging of ligand between two complexes.
Another example.

Tetraamminecobalt(III)-? -amido-? -superoxotetraamminecobalt(III).Two bridiging ligands are amido and superoxo represented by two ? .

Di-? -chloro-bis[diammineplatinum(II)] chloride. Since two chloro is bridiging between complex hence di is used before ?.


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