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how to draw a timeline chart on the national movement 1870s-1947s?

please answer quickly


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1885 The first meeting of the Indian National Congress, Bombay
1905 The first partition of Bengal
1906 Formation of the Muslim League
1920 Mahatma Gandhi leads the Congress; Non-cooperation Movement
1922 Civil Disobedience Movement
1928 Simon Commission comes to India: Boycott by all parties
1929 Lord Irwin promises Dominion Status for India
1930 Civil Disobedience Movement continues; Salt Satyagraha: Gandhi's Dandi March; First Round Table Conference
1931 Second Round Table Conference; Irwin-Gandhi Pact
1932 Third Round Table Conference
1934 Civil Disobedience Movement ends
1935 The Government of India Act receives Royal Assent
22 Dec Observed as 'Deliverance Day' from Congress rule by the Muslim League.
1940 Lahore Resolution of the Muslim League demands for a separate state for the Muslims of India
1942 Subhas Chandra Bose forms the Indian National Army
30 Mar 1942 Cripps proposals published
8-9 Aug 1942 Congress launches 'Quit India movement' and is declared an unlawful organisation; Gandhi and all members of the Congress Working Commmittee are arrested
1945 First trial of the Indian National Army men opened
Dec-Jan 1945 General Elections in India
23 Mar-29 Jun Cabinet Mission visits India
29 Jul Muslim League passes resolutions retracting its acceptance of the Cabinet Mission plan and calling upon Muslims to observe 16 August as 'Direct Action Day'
16 Aug 'Direct Action Day'
24 March Mountbatten sworn in as Viceroy and governor-General
3 June Mountbatten, Nehru, Jinnah and Baldev Singh give a broadcast on the Plan over All India Radio
4 July Indian Independence Bill is published
9 July Mountbatten advises Attlee of his decision to accept the Governor-Generalship of India
18 July Indian Independence Bill receives Royal Assent
11 August Jinnah elected President of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan
14 - 15 August midnight Power transferred
15 August Jinnah sworn in as Governor-General of Pakistan; Mountbatten sworn in as Governor-General of India; Independence Day Celebrations in Delhi


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