How to draw mito chondion

How to draw Mitochondria

Mitochondria is cell organelle which generates power required for cell and hence called `Power house of the cell". They are sac like structures present in the cytoplasm of the cells. They may be of various shapes like thread, spherical or club.Mitochondria have two compartments an inner compartment and an outer compartment.  The viscous substance in the inner compartment is called Matrix. The matrix is surrounded by a membrane called Inner membrane. The inner membrane is thrown into several folds called Cristae. Now let`s draw mitochondria.

 Step 1:
Draw a rough sausage shape with free hand in faint curve. Do not stop the curve in the middle, continue until you meet the starting point.

 Step 2:
To give a sliced sausage look, draw one more curve as shown.

Line inner side with another faint curve as shown.

 Step 3:
Erase the inner line leaving the faint impression and mark the positions of cristae with faint lines.

Observe uniform spacing between the faint lines as shown.

 Step 4:
Draw the inner membrane by following  previous impressions of curve and reference lines of cristae.

Complete it till you meet the other end of the curve.

Step 5:
Tap clean dots with sharp pencil nib to indicate

To make diagram much detailed you can also draw mitochondrial DNA and ribosomes.

 Continued :-The cristae extend into matrix. The space between the folds is continuous with the outer compartment. On the inner membrane, projecting into the matrix are a large number of particles called Elementary particles. These particles have a spherical head and a stalk. They are attached to the inner membrane by their stalk and the head portion of the particle  is in matrix.

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