How to draw t.s of anther

Dear Student,

Dear student,
A labelled diagram of anther lobe at microspore mother cell.Figure a represents a transverse section of the young anther, figure b represents magnified view of microsporangium showing all four layers and figure c is showing a mature dehisced anther.

The different wall layers of anther are as follows:
The epidermis is the outermost layer of a pollen grain, followed by endothecium and the middle layer which helps in providing the protection and also help in dehiscence of anther to release the pollen grains.
Tapetum is the inner wall layer which provides nutrition and nourishment to the developing pollen grains.

Practice the diagrams as much as you can. The detailed structures and their functions you will learn them in your higher classes.

Hope this information will clear your doubts about the topic.   

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