how to draw two way frequency table??quick answer???!!!!

A two way frequency table is made when we analyse bivariate (two variable) data. This two way table helps us to understand and draw a common conclusion about the two different characteristics of the data.The two way data is made especially when we have two different categories or characteristics of data.
For example, we have two categories male and female who owes two wheelers and four wheelers. There are 4 males who have two wheelers, while 2 females who have two wheelers. There are 3 males who have four wheelers while there are 4 females who have four wheelers.
This data can be represented in a tabular form. We will draw a 3*3 table. In the first row second column we will take male, in the third column we will take female. Similarly in the second row first column we will take two wheelers, in the third row we will take four wheelers.
This is depicted in the under given table:
  Male  Female
Two wheeler 2
Four wheeler 3 4

This representation of data is called two way frequency tables.

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