how to feel confindentduring exams

Confidence comes when one is sure that s/he has prepared well and in advance for any test.
Time management is key during preparing for exams as well as writing exams. Keep the following things in mind and it will help you optimise your preparations.
Keep the following things in mind while preparing for any exam 
1. Make a Time Table and put in maximum hours for the subject you feel less confident of. But make sure you don't neglect the subjects you are confident in.
2. Discuss important topics with your teachers and classmates and prepare them well.
3. Practise as many sample papers as you can. Try to solve them like a test, limiting yourself to the time limit allotted. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
4. Make sure you get optimum rest. Overworking before exams often leads to lethargy while writing an exam.
5. Keep calm and do not panic. It will only make you more nervous

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firstly you think that you should do anyting and then start doing paper with full of concentration... Best of luck..
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before exam just think u r totally prepared and have fun wid frnds 4 five mins and have a chocolate and go
All The best
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