how to find which is not an acidic salt 1)nah2po2 ,nah2po3 ,nah2po4 ,nahpo4

1. Out the four,NaH2PO3,NaH2PO4 and Na2HPO4 are acidic salts. Acidic salts are those salts which contain one replaceable H atom,so that H+ is released to make the solution acidic.
2. NaH2PO2 is a neutral salt as it contains no replaceable hydrogen.

3. The salts formed above are formed by sodium hydroxide reacting
                   (a) with H3PO2 to give NaH2PO2,which has only one O-H bond and only one H can be replaced in it and no more is available so it is neutral.
                    (b) with H3PO3 to give NaH2PO3 which has two O-H bonds ,that can give 2 H,out of which one is still available,so acidic.
                    (c) with H3PO4 (have 3 replaceable H,3 O-H bonds) ,to give NaH2PO4 which has 2 more H left to be replaced and Na2HPO4 which has 1 H to be replaced.

4. Structures of the acids is as shown:

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