how to i can get more focus in study

Dear Student,
The first step to score the maximum is be cool and don't panic at all. I do understand that when the exam dates are approaching you tend to loose faith in the preparation you have done. An important tip during the exam days will be to start revising the subjects during the time that suits you the best. For instance, some students remember whatever they have studied early in the morning. While, some students remember things studied at night. So you must first decide the time of studies that suits you the best. After that, you can start your preparation by revising the chapters of different subjects. Make sure that while revising you give enough time to different subjects. This can be done either by studying one subject on one day or by studying one chapter from different subjects in a day. 

The minimum time that you must devote to each subject is atleast two hours a day.  
Once, you are done with 1-2 chapters in a subject, you must test yourself by taking a test. For the test you can pick up questions related to the chapter that you have studied. For this purpose, you can undertake the descriptive tests that are available on our site for each of the subjects. In addition to this, try and hold command on subjects that you are good at first and then you can concentrate on your weaker sections. Following this pursuit will definitey boost your confidence and will help you propel further. In addition, don't let yourself deviate from the study plan at any cost. Also, go through the previous years board exam papers on our site.
Hope this will help you in preparing well for your exams. Lastly, if at any point of time, you feel down and nervous, then don't feel isolated. Remember, we are always there to support you, to help you out and to enable you to score the maximum. Get your maximum possible doubts clarified from our experts.  

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