How to learn,write & speeck easy english

One should address the audience in his/her speech;
-  The address should include the headmaster, teachers and then all fellow students;
-  The opening of the speech should discuss on the issue being dwelled upon;
-  The topic on which speech is to be delivered must have related quotes and important lines;
-  Including examples would interest the audience;
-  The topic and the context must be clear in your speech so that the audience doesn’t feel clustered with ideas and thoughts;
-  Be very precise and exact in presenting facts and information. It shouldn’t be too lengthy or too short.
-  Close your speech with a proper tagline such as: ‘Jai Hind’, ‘Hope this brings a change in the mindset of our society’, or ‘better late than never.’
Hope this helps!
For further queries, you can ask your parents for guidelines as well as get advised by your teachers.
All the best!

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