How to locate root 2 on a number line?

@guptaindustries39; correctly answered the question. good effort! Keep posting!

To understand the whole method please go through the video given in our study material. It is very well explained there. 

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using pythagorus 

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 by using pythagorus

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by taking root ka square and one ka square

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can u explain what is the pythagorus?

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ok.......... thanks.

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  • Draw a number line, mark a point O, at 0.
  • Now take 1 unit(with any measurment), mark it as point A.
  • Draw a ray AB, such that AB=1 unit,perpendicular to line OA.
  • Join OB.
  • Now, take your compass,with centre O and radius OB; draw arc intersecting numberline at C.
  • Point C represents root 2 on number line
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draw a numberline....

u may hav to take 5 cm =1 unit to represnt it bigger.

mark 0 as from 1 cm on the numberline, draw a line of 1 cm [ like making a right angle].mark it as A.join OA.with OA as radius draw an arc to meet the numberline.mark this point as B.this is root 2.

got it..... thumb ups pls..........

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