how to prevent clogging of drain?

Prevention of clogging of drains:
  • Oils and fats released from the kitchen can harden along with detergents to block water pipes. In an open drain, fats on entering the soil, clog the soil pores. This reduces the effectiveness of filtration of water or water seeping.
  • We should avoid throwing tea leaves, solid food remains and napkins into the drain. These can block the drains and also block the flow of oxygen to the useful microorganisms. Useful microorganisms bring about decomposition of organic wastes from waste water.
  • Chemicals like paints, medicines, motor oil and many other solvents kill the microbes that help in water treatment. Awareness has to be created in people about the ill effects of throwing pollutants into the drain.

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  1. Avoid letting food scraps go down the drain. Use a drain strainer in your sink to help keep the food out.
  2. Don't pour grease or oil down your drain. ...
  3. Pour a kettle of boiling water down the drain once a week to melt away any fat or grease that may have collected inside your pipes.
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