how to prevent wastage of food?

by eating them

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 One way of dealing with food waste is to reduce its creation. This attitude has been promoted by campaigns from advisory and environmental groups,[43] and by concentrated media attention on the subject.[40][44]

Psychology can be useful in helping reduce food waste. There are two ways we can reduce food waste. We can either prevent the consumer from throwing away huge amounts of waste or stop them in some way from producing so much waste. Once someone begins a certain behavior in their lives, it is difficult to discourage this behavior. So rather, than discouraging someone from wasting food, it is easier for someone to act as a good influence in order for them not to even begin wasting food in the first place. As a child ,it is easier to establish a social norm for them so it is harder for them to change it later in their lives. We can establish a form of positive punishment to the child.[45] For example, if a child decides to not finish their food on their plate, then the parent can scold them in order for the child to realize that the parent is disappointed or angry with them. The child may be scared so they will be less likely to throw food away. This way may work or instead negative punishment can also be useful. For example, not giving dessert to a child if they don’t finish all their food. Positive punishment has been more effective according to many studies.

If an adult has established a negative behavior it is extremely difficult for them to suddenly stop wasting too much food. Our parents are our main influence growing up so getting rid of these prints can be difficult. It is possible. We can begin with the idea of small steps at a time. Asking people to think about what they want to eat gets them thinking about how to proportion themselves. This is a smaller step compared to asking them not to take as much food. We can also start talking to them about what barriers exist in their lives . Barriers are one of the main causes that stop people from changing their behaviors. Barriers associated with wasting food include: not wanting to get up and refill one's plate, inconvenience, and not thinking holistically. Holism involves seeing the idea of wasting less food as a whole positive effect across the world and not only themselves. People tend to see the present but forget about the effects in the future. Combining these ideas together can work to help people throw away less food which will certainly lead to a decrease in food waste piles.[46]

Consumers can reduce their food waste output at point-of-purchase and in their home by adopting some simple measures; planning when shopping for food is important, spontaneous purchases are shown as often the most wasteful; proper knowledge of food storage reduces foods becoming inedible and thrown away.[43]

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write a paragraph on how you think we can stop wastage of

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Few of the ways to prevent wastage of food are:

  1. The agricultural fields should be devoid of weeds or any kind of harmful insects which will increase the yield of food grains, food etc...
  2. Food grains such as cereals, fruits and vegetables should be stored properly so that they do not get damaged due to factors like temperature, humidity, insects etc...
  3. We should buy only the required quantity of food which can be consumed or stored safely..
  4. We should not waste food at any religious or social functions...
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how to stop wastage of food

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to prevent wastage of food

1.the food can be given to poor people instead of wasting food.

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To prevent wastage of food:-

i) You have to take little by little, if you want more you can take again.

ii)Instead of wasting, the food can be given away to the needy.

iii)Do not cook too much food.

iv) Store the exxcess food.

v) Store food materials properly to protect from birds, insects and fungus.

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Following are ways to prevent wastage of foods -

1) prepare food in required quantity

2) By preserving food items like chips , papad etc

3) By keeping food in refrigerator to avoid bacterial growth

4) By keeping food in closed containers to prevent it from flies , dust etc

5) Heating pravent from spoiling

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To prevent wastage of food:

1)The wastage of food is high from hotels and homes so the food can be given to poor people.

2)By stoping leaving food in the plates.

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