How to protect workers in unorganised sector? (3 or 4 marks)

The Government should bring the unorganized sector too under its purview. Even if not controlling all details, the basic facts like maximum work hours, leaves and minimum pay should be seen to. NGOs too can take some active steps to work for the toiling labours. What is actually needed is awareness among these labours about their rights and this can be provided by primarily educating them and giving them training.

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Jilin I am asking about the UNORGANISED SECTOR EMPLYOEES not about only the agricultutral labourers and the farmers. Please answer in refernce to it. You see in book we are given the people of rural and urban areas which are in unorganised sector.Tell me how to protect them?

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alternate sources of security..........creating more small scale industries as it employs more of manual workers

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Many steps can be taken, especially by the govt.. these are

  1. Construct well/dams which will provide good irrigation to the fields in agricultural sector
  2. Allow credits at a lower rate
  3. Construct well-maintained roads which will help in transportation of goods.This also helps the unemployed people in service sector
  4. Open cold storages
  5. Setting up small scale industries in semi-rural areas
  6. adequate facility for timely delivery of seeds
  7. Implementing many programmes suh as NREGA 2005
  8. Creating job oppurtunities in service sector [schools, tourism, hospitals]
  9. Improving/ develpoing technologies
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there r many steps which should be taken to improve the conditions of workers in an un organised sector- 

1. low interest loans should be provided to them.

2. improve tech.

3. safe and cold storage facilities

and lots more

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