How to prove ic=id ?

We know Maxwell's displacement eqn:      B.dl=μ0IC+ε0dϕEdt=μ0IC+IDWhen electric field and hence electric flux varies with time themmagnetic field is produced and vice versa.In case of conduction current given by source is not continousdue to the presence of capacitor as charges are not transported across the gap of capacitor plates but the electrical influence is transferred.The value of this electrical influence is displacement current which is:              ID=ε0dϕEdt=ε0dE.Adt=ε0dqε0dt=dqdt=IC

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Is ic= critical angle and id = Angel of deviation.????
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are ic and id are the currents respectively??
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ic==> critical angle is the angle at which the ray of light gets reflected in same medium.
That means the angle of deviation id is the angle of reflection.
Now, according of laws of reflection, angle of incidence = angle of reflection.
Hence, here critical angle ic = angle of deviation id
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