how to reduce a fraction to its lowest terms. fast experts

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see whether the numerators and the denominators have a common factor. if they have,then divide it from the numerators and the denominators. keep on doing this until the does not have a common factor . then at last you will get the lowest term.
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Dear Bashar,

Here is the solution for your query:
If a fraction is not in lowest term ,then we should take out the H.C.F. of the numerator and denominator of that fraction and divide that fraction with the H.C.F that you found.

Example:Suppose 12/24
    H.C.F=2 x 2 x 3
Then do this:

The answer would be 1/2.

Hope this answer helps you!!!!
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Dear student
If you want to reduce a fraction into its lowest terms, first find out a common factor of that no. and divide it with both of them until you get a position  when  it can`t be further divided it the factor.
For e . g .
Reduce 3/9 to its lowest terms.
= so we will divide 3/9 by 3 
=  that would be equal to 1/3 (ans)
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