how to represent root 2 and root 3 on the number line in the spiral metod pls?!

First we draw a line OA of unit 1 
Step 2 -Now we draw a perpendicular of length unit 1 on point A As AB .

Now from Pythagoras theorem we know Hypotenuse OB = 2

Step 3 take arc of length OB and draw it on  number line , That meet at E on number line So at E we can represent 2

Step 4 Now we take OB as base and draw a perpendicular on B  As BC .

​Now we know from Pythagoras theorem hypotenuse OC = 3

​Step 5 - Take arc of length OC and draw it on number line as it meet at D on number line So at D we can represent ​3

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first draw root 2 in the usual method :

steps -

1. Draw a line OA of say 2 units.

2. From O take 1unit and mark a point B.

3. From B draw a perpendicular BD to OA .

4. With radius 1 unit and the compass at B draw an arc at BD.

5. Join d AND A .

Thus , BA = root 2

To draw root 3 :

6. Keeping the compass at D draw a perndicular DE to DA .

7.At the point D , take radius = 1 unit and draw an arc intersecting DE.

8.Join E and A .

Thus EA = root 3

Thus, in this way you can draw a root spiral on the number line itself

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i dint understand the 3 step

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