How to slovequestions of empricial formula ????

Let us take an example. A compound contains 4.07% hydrogen and 24.27% carbon. Find the empirical formula for the compound.
For solving any empirical formula question u should keep some steps in ur mind..they are:-
Step 1:- Conversion of mass per cent to grams. For eg:-if it is given 4.07% of hydrogen..then this percentage u hev to convert it into the answer will be 4.07 g of hydrogen. Same way u hev to convert the mass percent of carbon into gram i.e. 24.27g

Step2:- Convert into number moles of each element. Now for finding no. Of moles in hydrogen..u hev to divide the mass given in the question i.e.4.07g by atomic mass of hydrogen that is 1.008g.(4.07/1.008=4.04). same way u hev to do for Carbon the answer will be (24.27/12.01=2.021)
So the answer will be 2.021.

Step 3:- Divide the mole value obtained above by the smallest number.
Since in u can see that 2.021 is smallest value. So now we hev to divide the answer we got from the above calculation of no.of moles of each element (that is Hydrogen nd Carbon) by 2.021. that is-> we hev to obtain smallest ratio of hydrogen nd carbon. For hydrogen it is 4.039/2.021=2, for carbon it is 2.021/2.021=1. So finally it gives the ratio as 2:1.

Step4:- Write empirical formula by mentioning the numbers after writing the symbols of respective elements. So the empirical formula of the compound is CH2. Bcz carbon is 1 and Hydrogen is 2 (obtained from the ratio).
Thanks fr reading this..i hope dis helps u..

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It is so simple
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Covert the given % into gram and then devide it with the molecular mass ....hmm give a question then I explain u better....
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Hello Akshita Chandra, the emphirical formula of a compound is simplest number of element in the compound le this ex.

glucose mocecular formula is C6H12O6 and its emphirical formula is CH2O.

that is matlab ki ham ase number se divide krenge ki formola simle se simple bne 

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